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People Trying To Sneak Into The Lake District in Taxis

Yesterday (30th April), Cumbria Police had to turn away a taxi that was travelling from Leeds to the Lake District for breaking non-essential travel rules.

This is the second time this has happened in recent weeks, as a previous taxi carrying four men were also stopped at 1.30 am in early April. On this occasion, the police said it was unclear why they were travelling at this time but believed they were trying to conceal their entry to the county by driving late at night.

Yesterday’s driver had nearly arrived in the Lake District but was stopped and turned away.

A brief police statement said: “This taxi from Leeds so nearly made it to the Lake District. We showed him the way back to the M6.”

At present, The Lake District is closed to non-residents during the lockdown, and restrictions will remain in place until instruction from the government.

Cumbria Police had to turn away a taxi that was travelling from Leeds
Cumbria Police

Police warning as people are still taking non-essential travel during lockdown

Wales is another spot that has seen people making non-essential trips throughout the lockdown period.

A warning from police comes after Gwent Police found ten people breaching the COVID-19 laws when they made a 500-mile trip to Snowdon from London. They were found at the beauty spot locally known as Blue Lagoon or The Canyons near Pontypool.

“This is not essential travel,” Gwent Police said.

The police also went onto say that the site is realistically only accessible for a few numbers of local residents and that officers have been stopping vehicles near the site.

On Twitter, Simon Creed said: “there were 22 cars there on Saturday afternoon”.

The Welsh government has also issued a statement saying people should not drive to take their daily exercise and to avoid unnecessary travel.

 “No journeys of any significant distance should be taken,” it said.

Gwent Police Roadblock
Gwent Police Road block

Second homeowners urged to stay away

This warning also comes after previous announcements urging second homeowners to stay away from holiday resorts. Earlier in the month, many councils asked people not to holiday in the regions as some were being promoted as an ‘isolation destination.’ Although many have avoided the area, some people are using second homes during the lockdown.

Officers from Dyfed Powys Police have pulled over numerous drivers heading to the Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire area this week. On Tuesday, they tweeted, “We have been made aware of people intending to travel to their second homes in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire in the next few days.

“It is a simple message: don’t. At best you will be turned around, at worst an appointment with a magistrate.”

Inspector Andrew Williams went onto say, “Intelligence received from the public and our neighbourhood policing teams, combined with the results of continued roadside checks, have painted a clear picture that some people are still choosing to ignore the government guidelines on travel.

“This includes reports of a small number of individuals who persist in travelling between multiple properties, and those who are attempting to enter the force area during quieter times.”

With the latest announcement from Dominic Raab stating the lockdown will be in place for at least three more weeks or up to 7th May, it’s essential individuals stick to the rules.

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Oscar Wyatt
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