Ethics Policy

Breaking News Today’s Ethics Policy


This policy has been constructed to provide guidance on the company’s approach to achieving and maintaining a reliable reputation for trustworthy News by means of sound ethical conduct.

The principal purpose of this ethics policy is to maintain a culture of openness, trust and Integrity in the articles we publish. Upholding ethics is a ‘team effort’ involving the participation and support of every member of the Breaking News Today team.

It aims to ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities with regards to the company’s publishing ethics and to emphasise our employees’ and readers’ expectations to being treated fairly and in accordance with sound business practises.

Breaking News Today is committed to protecting employees, readers and publishers from illegal or damaging mental and physical actions by individuals, either knowingly, or unknowingly. We aim to write articles in a way to inform people of all backgrounds and ethnicities without causing any offence or unwanted upset.

Breaking News Today operates a strict no-tolerance policy to any wrongdoing or impropriety at any time. The company will take all the appropriate measures and act when it is found that the ‘ethical code’ is broken.


This policy applies to each employee, contractor and consultant of Breaking News Today.


Breaking News Today’s commitment to responsible Ethics:

  • Maintaining Integrity is one of the company’s core values
  • To set and lead by example. In all reporting.
  • To have an open-door policy and encourage all suggestions and concerns from employees in a bid to increase freedom of speech and decrease the escalation of issues. 

Employee’s commitment to Ethics:

  • To disclose any conflicts of interests when writing an article no matter what context they may be, articles must remain non-bias.
  • To ensure that all News is from a non-bias, reputable, credited source or written from the first-hand experience of our editors.
  • To engage in carrying out the delivery of breaking News in a professional manner.
  • To ensure that sensitive topics are written in the most respectful and in accordance with our editorial policy.