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26% of COVID-19 patients who died in England had diabetes

NHS England said of the 22,332 people who died since 31 March, 5,873 (26%) of them had diabetes as an underlying health condition

According to officials, 26% of people who died from coronavirus-related reasons in hospitals throughout England had diabetes.

According to new NHS figures, those with dementia or lung problems are also among those reportedly most at risk of dying after they had contracted COVID-19.

This news comes after an antibody test for COVID-19 that could help ease lockdown measures in the UK has been approved by Public Health England.

NHS England statistics show that of the 22,332 people who have died as a result of contracting the coronavirus since the 31st of March, 5,873 (26%) of them had diabetes.

The full breakdown of those who had type 1 and type 2 is yet to have been released. 6% of the UK population is diabetic, according to diabetes.co.uk.

It was also found that 18% of people those people who died after contracting COVID-19, 4,048 fatalities, had dementia and 15% (3,254 deaths) had chronic pulmonary disease.

Chronic kidney disease was found to be an underlying health issue in 14% of patients who had died from COVID-19 (3,214 deaths).

This is the first time that NHS England has published a breakdown of deaths by pre-existing conditions.

An average of 148,000 people across England had coronavirus at any given time between the 27th of April and the 10th of May, According to recent estimates by the Office for National Statistics.

The results of a pilot study suggest that an average of 0.27% of the community population, or one in 370 people, not including healthcare and social care workers, had contracted the coronavirus with this period.

However, 1.33% tested positive among those working within patient-facing healthcare and social care roles.

Professor Partha Kar, national speciality adviser for diabetes for the NHS, said:

26% of COVID-19 patients who died in England had diabetes
Professor Partha Kar, national speciality adviser for diabetes for the NHS

“It is clear that people with diabetes are more at risk of dying from COVID-19.”

“And more detailed analysis is currently under way to understand the link between the two, although initial findings indicate that the threat in people under 40 continues to be very low.”

“The NHS has put extra measures in place so that people living with diabetes can manage their condition better during the pandemic, including a range of online services, video consultations with your local clinical team and a dedicated helpline for those who need advice.”

There has been the highest number so far of coronavirus tests carried out in the UK in a 24-hour period so far amid the global pandemic.

This information comes after another 428 people who contracted COVID-19 have reportedly died in the UK, taking the total number of fatalities in the country to 33,614. This follows yesterday’s reported number of 494 coronavirus-related deaths in the UK.

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