Burglaries In East Anglia Rise By Almost 12%

Police are questioning whether or not they have enough officers to cope with the huge spike in burglaries over recent years.

Burglary is a highly invasive crime that can have a huge impact on its victims. With so many burglaries now going unsolved, are we doing enough to protect our homes from being burgled?

Norfolk and Suffolk have seen a drastic rise in burglaries where thieves have gained entry in the middle of the night to steal car keys.

It seems that thieves are targeting properties with old style double glazed windows and doors, using a number of methods to enter the property, with very little noise and only taking a matter of seconds to gain entry.

Standard euro cylinder locks commonly found in older, or cheap, double glazed uPVC doors can be easily snapped meaning thieves can gain entry very quickly, while barely making any noise at all.

See the video below for a demonstration of just how easy it is.

Doors can be replaced with much stronger composite doors with Anti snap and tamper proof locks

Security experts are urging homeowners to have any external doors replaced with high security composite doors.

If your windows are externally beaded, meaning the glass is put in from the outside, then you could also be at huge risk of being targeted for a burglary as thieves can spot this very easily. All they need is a screw driver and 30 seconds and they could be in your home. You can’t put a price on your families’ safety.

5 Easy tips to make your home more secure

  1. Lock your windows and doors every time you leave the house
  2. Hide all keys and valuables out of sight
  3. Installing a visual burglar alarm
  4. Installing good outside lighting
  5. Use timers to switch lights on and off if you are staying away from home

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