HEATWAVE across UK this WEEKEND! Find out your local forecast!!

UK Weather map

One more cold day is still on the horizon with temperatures barely rising into the mid-teens in places. But don’t fret! This weekend we will be basking in the hottest temperatures of 2019 so far. The UK will be one of the coldest countries in Europe tonight with highs around 13C in the north and 17C in the south. Although Last night the Scottish highlands received a temperature of -3.5C. There will be a huge shift from Thursday as it begins to feel a lot warmer and more humid. This heat and humidity is set to hang around with the Met Office forecasting 28C on Saturday, 1st June and possibly 30C on Sunday. It will be especially hot this weekend in central and southern parts of the UK, especially in the south-east corner, where Norwich and London could be among the hottest places, according to forecasters. He said: “A lot of confidence that Saturday, certainly across England and Wales, very warm, hot and these are the kinds of temperatures on Saturday.

“High teens, to low 20C’s across northern northeastern parts of Scotland. Enhanced by a foehn effect, where the winds move over the higher grounds to the west and warms up as it comes down again. “Typically you can draw a half-way line there, north to south, in the south, probably just a sunny day on Saturday.” BBC Weather presenter Ben Rich also stated temperatures in London and other parts of southern England could reach highs of 27C this weekend. “Those midweek temperatures will climb even further as we head towards the weekend perhaps up to 27C in parts of the southeast. “Never as warm towards the northwest of the UK because here we will still have some of those weather fronts and outbreaks of rain.

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