Homeowners could qualify for new windows & doors installed in time for summer!

Summer Setting

Have you dreamt all winter of sitting with a nice cold drink with friends in the garden, watching the sun go down? Us too!! But I bet you’ve not given much TLC to your garden since last summer, am I right? Well now that it is beginning to get warm you will start to see peoples lawns look less like a jungle and more like a Wimbledon tennis court. And yes when the summer finally arrives its great to have your garden in tip top shape, but something that people often overlook is patio doors and bi-fold doors, your entrance into the perfect garden setting.

For the most sociable, a Bi-fold door is the perfect solution. It allows you to go from having a glass wall to an open plan garden and living space within a matter of seconds.

For a more classic look people go for the sturdy french doors which when combined with a nice glass style can create the perfect combination between modern and classic.

Then we move onto windows, these are a great tool for letting the heat out of your home whilst letting light in. Windows are available in a huge range of styles and colours now and it’s often very difficult to choose the best solution. By upgrading your old windows you’ll be able to save up to 30% a year on energy bills and this is especially true in the summer when the windows are insulated enough to keep a perfect balance between cool and hot air in your home.

We’ve found a UK based company who are offering grants and funding for the replacement of old windows and doors. This company has a free grant checker tool which will tell you within minutes if you qualify for free windows and doors. If you’d like to check whether your home could be totally transformed in time for summer simply click here to apply.Summer Drinks


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