Law Enforcement Adapts to Python Encounter in the Early Hours: Snake Sighting on the Street

Snake captured who was lose on the streets (Twitter)
Snake captured who was lose on the streets (Twitter)
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Law enforcement intervened to apprehend a 12-foot python snake following a citizen’s report of the serpent’s presence, seen gliding along a West Bromwich street during the early morning hours.

An image shared by the West Midlands Police depicts three officers managing the reptile situation, having been summoned to Harwood Street at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The force said in a statement posted on its website: “Our officers are not easily rattled when it comes to responding to unusual calls as we deal with a huge variety of incidents.

“While RSPCA colleagues would usually handle this situation they were not able to attend due to the time of the call so some of our brave response officers stepped in.

“We managed to safely rescue the snake and get it into our van without too many slips and slides. The snake was then transferred to a nearby veterinary hospital for overnight care.”

A cyclist had a close call when they narrowly avoided colliding with a massive snake crossing a roundabout in Balham.

The elusive reptile, affectionately known as the “Balham Boa,” was observed shedding its skin right in the middle of the bustling intersection.

Earlier in August, another loose ball python, playfully named “Gary” by local police officers, was apprehended in a garden in North London.


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