TV licence fee to increase from April

BBC News

The cost of the annual TV licence fee will increase from £154.50 to £157.50 from 1 April, the BBC has said.

The new licence fee works out as £3.02 a week or £13.13 a month. The price change will not have an impact on the free over-75s TV licence.

The BBC provides nine national TV channels plus regional programming, as well as 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations, news and sport websites, and the iPlayer.

In the last financial year 95% of the BBC’s controllable spend went on content for audiences and delivery, with 5% spent on running the organisation.

Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker said last week that buying a TV licence should not be compulsory.
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6 thoughts on “TV licence fee to increase from April

  1. I believe the BBC is exploiting the customers because they paid to much money for their salaries and all the presenters as well lenny linebacker is earning 1,750 millions a year for a couple of hours about the Futbol that’s outrageous amount of money and the customers we get continues repit programs its absolutely disgraceful

  2. Should join the the rest of the broadcasters and subscription I for one will not be renewing it don’t watch BBC don’t record live TV so by law I don’t need a TV license

  3. This is DISGRACEFUL, we are barely surviving..we neither drink or smoke and do not go out clubbing.etc. Maybe every so often my husband and I go for a cup of coffee but that is it. I do not watch BBC1 it is all pay yourselves far to much thought for the poorer people… Scrap it.. for gods sake..

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