33-year-old woman charged with murder after severed head and body parts discovered in suitcase

canal off Bulls Bridge Lane, in Southall (Google images)
canal off Bulls Bridge Lane, in Southall (Google images)
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A court proceeding saw the appearance of a woman who has been accused of the murder of another woman. This follows the unsettling discovery of a severed head within a suitcase near the canal.

Arizo Nour, aged 33, made her virtual court appearance at the Old Bailey on Friday. She is facing charges in connection with the murder of a 57-year-old woman.

Just last week, body parts were also found inside a suitcase along the same canal. The court was informed by Prosecutor Louise Oakley that dismembered “human body parts” were uncovered earlier in the week along a canal adjacent to Bulls Bridge Lane in Southall.

Additionally, the court learned that a severed head, believed to be of the same victim, was located within a bag in the same canal on Thursday.

On Sunday, August 6th, the police responded to a residence in Feltham, where they discovered significant amounts of blood.

Ms Oakley said: “Police were called and, as a result of this, the defendant’s details were circulated as a person of interest. There were concerns raised about the deceased’s welfare as they had not been heard from for 24 hours.

“An initial search of that area revealed a suitcase in the canal, with human body parts found inside.”

By the early hours of Monday morning, the suspect had been held in custody, the court heard.

“A further suitcase was found which also contained human body parts. A further item was discovered last night and that was examined this morning. It’s believed to be part of the same body parts recovered earlier.”

A formal identification of the body is believed to have taken place over the weekend.

Ms Oakley said: “At the time there has not been formal identification of the deceased from the body parts that have been recovered.

“The position is that, with the recovery last night of a bag from the canal with a head inside, there will be tests over the weekend.”

Nour’s defense barrister opted not to request bail during the proceedings.

Judge Simon Mayo, presiding over the case, ordered her to be held in custody until her next court appearance scheduled for December.

It was also revealed in court that a psychiatrist’s report is set to be prepared for presentation in November.


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