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Child killed and several injured after car drives into pedestrians in Germany

Multiple people, including a child, have been killed with many others injured following a car driving into pedestrians in the city of Trier in Germany, police say

A child is among the two people who were killed when a car drove at high speed into pedestrians Germany, police say. 15 others were injured in the vehicle collision, which happened in a pedestrianised area of the city centre of Tier in southwest Germany on Tuesday, Wolfram Leibe the city’s Mayor has said.

According to police the driver, who is 51-year-old and from the Trier-Saarburg district, has been arrested and had his large hatchback vehicle involved seized.

This comes after the UK’s attorney general, Suella Braverman, has told the Court of Appeal that the teenage driver who dragged the Thames Valley Police officer Andrew Harper until he died, should have been given a life sentence.

Police in the city have said that “several” people had been killed in the incident, with local media reporting that four deaths have been confirmed so far.

The area was flooded with armed police officers, ambulances and fire service personnel, while two emergency services helicopters circled above the scene, Trierischer Volksfreund had reported.

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“We have a driver who ran amok in the city. We have two dead that we are certain of and up to 15 injured, some of them with the most severe injuries,” the mayor told a news conference this afternoon.

“I just walked through the city centre and it was just horrible. There is a trainer lying on the ground, and the girl it belongs to is dead,” he added.

It is currently “too early to say” if another nationwide COVID-19 lockdown will need to occur after Christmas, according to a senior cabinet minister. George Eustice has said that “you can’t rule anything out” when he was asked about further “stay at home” measures.

An eyewitness said to the German publication Trierischer Volksfreund that the vehicle drove from the city’s Roman gate the Porta Nigra along a shopping street towards the city’s main market and then onto the area of Fleischstrasse, where the car hit several pedestrians.

Another witness told the nation’s newspaper they saw a pram fly in the air at the scene of the collision in the market before passers-by flooded into her shop trying to escape.

Child killed and several injured after car drives into pedestrians in Germany
An image from the scene of the incident

Police were reportedly able to stop the vehicle, which appears to be a Land Rover, in nearby Christophstrasse, a business park in Cologne, the eyewitness said.

A video of the incident posted to social media shows the German police officers holding a man on the ground next to a silver car, which appears badly damaged due to the impact of the crash.

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