Government Incentive Launched To Pay Homeowners Who Install Solar Panels With Battery Storage

The Government has announced plans for an energy buy back scheme, households with battery storage and solar panels will earn an additional income from selling electricity to the grid at times of peak demand.

With solar panels already being a highly lucrative investment, this could see solar incomes as high as the original tariff that so many of us missed out on.

With the new buy back schemes in place we could see income and savings jump from a potential of £20,000 to a whopping £40,000

The demand for solar panels will increase substantially, experts are advising consumers to act now before the large firms start buying up all the stock and increasing the mark up.

Solar Panel Funding, the UK’s largest solar funding organisation has released a statement saying they are prepared for the increase in demand and are still planning to keep batteries fully funded with the solar panels, at least for the foreseeable future.

Applications can be made by visiting



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