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Life With the Virus Poem Goes Viral

Harrison 11 and Joey 7 from Hereford, Herefordshire wrote the poem to show their appreciation for the NHS 

The poem initially posted on Father Robbie’s social media managed to clock up a significant amount of views and shares, but the boys wanted to make sure the touching poem reached as many people as possible.

Father Robbie wrote: “My name is Robbie Bates and my 2 sons, Harrison and Joey, have written a poem about living in lockdown with the virus effecting so many of us. My wife, Helen, is a manager in one of the main supermarkets and I am now homeschooling my boys instead of working. We wanted to show our appreciation for all the hard work around the country and world from key workers and decided a little poem and video could work. The boys had lots of fun making the video and bouncing ideas off each other to get the poem sounding right. Our aim to put a smile on the faces of whoever wants to watch it and, through the wonder of the internet, send our message of thanks and stay safe to the world.”

The poem written by the two boys: 

Life with the virus

By Harrison and Joey Bates

This is our story of Spring Twenty Twenty.

The schools are all closed, the streets are all empty.

A new way of life we must all understand,

Where keeping your distance and washing your hands

Is what we must do, together as one,

Until this horrible virus has gone.

We continue our schoolwork and learn some new skills

As our parents struggle to work and pay bills.

We’ll remember this time when we get old

Our memories we’ll share and stories be told

Some family are close, some far away

We hope they are safe, we hope they’re ok.

We miss our friends, we must stay at home.

But if we fancy a chat, we can pick up the phone.

We’re still allowed to have our one walk,

Let the dog have a run, it’s a good time to talk.

We share new ideas or things we could do,

Play games with each other, some old and some new.

We cheer and applaud from our doors and windows,

With our symbol of hope, colourful rainbows.

We thank the doctors and nurses and more

Who are on the frontline winning the war.

People go to hospitals day after day,

SO all we can do is hope and pray.

We will get through this, I know we will.

Even though our family and friends may get ill.

Its not all that bad in this terrible time.

We’re sure the virus has reached it’s prime.

So if we stick together, and do what is right,

Stay home, stay safe, we will win this fight.

April 2020

Harrison and Joey in their school room
Harrison and Joey in their school room

What an amazing job the two boys have made, please help it reach as many people as possible by sharing with your friends

Well done Harrison and Joey, we are sure the NHS workers will really appreciate your hard work!

Oscar Wyatt
Oscar Wyatt
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