Met Office Confirms Heatwave in the UK This Weekend: Precise Locations of Sun-Drenched Areas Revealed

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The Met Office has forecasted an upcoming heatwave in the UK in the following days, where temperatures could reach a peak of 29°C over the weekend. This surge in heat is attributed to an ‘Iberian plume’ originating from Spain.

The British population is on the verge of indulging in a mini-heatwave that is anticipated to bring temperatures soaring to 29°C in the upcoming days. Weather experts are foreseeing the arrival of an ‘Iberian plume’ from Spain, which is expected to envelop the United Kingdom, resulting in scorching conditions.

If temperatures do reach those remarkable heights, it would mark a new record for the hottest day of the year with a heatwave in the UK.

According to the Met Office, the south-east region is expected to experience the most intense heat. However, they caution that the elevated temperatures could also lead to thunderstorms and rain showers, especially in the south-west.

The east/west divide in weather patterns appears to persist, with the western areas anticipated to have a heat wave in the UK with hot and humid conditions, while the eastern regions may have cooler and cloudier weather.

Those fortunate enough to enjoy the best of the heat can expect temperatures in the mid-20s or even higher.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “By Saturday, warmer air is being drawn up from the south for the UK, which could lead to some spots seeing temperatures of around 29C, which is most likely in the south east of England.”

“More widely it’ll be around mid-20s Celsius, though could be subdued for some with some associated showers.”

They added: “This increase in temperatures brings an increased chance of showers, some of which could be thundery in nature.”

As of now, the Welsh seaside town of Porthmadog boasts the highest temperature recorded this year, reaching 25.1°C on May 30th.


Holidays in Scotland – panoramic view of Oban on the west coast of Scotland with the town, ferry terminals and hills in the background

Wednesday is anticipated to bring dry weather with intermittent sunny periods, and temperatures are likely to reach around 22°C in locations such as Glasgow.

The remainder of the week is expected to maintain dry and stable conditions, accompanied by warm sunshine with temperatures hovering around 20°C.

North East

In contrast, the eastern regions of Scotland may experience more challenging conditions, with temperatures struggling to surpass the low teens during the weekend.

Wednesday is expected to be predominantly cloudy, making it challenging for sunshine to break through. Consequently, temperatures are unlikely to exceed 15°C, with occasional instances of light drizzle occurring.

However, a significant improvement is anticipated by Saturday, as a substantial portion of the cloud cover is expected to recede towards the coastal areas. This will pave the way for a substantial amount of sunshine to prevail across the region.

North West

On Wednesday, temperatures are predicted to reach 21°C in certain areas of the North West of England. As the week progresses, temperatures are projected to rise further, albeit with slightly stronger winds. By 4 pm on Saturday, the mercury could potentially reach 24°C.


Aerial view from Constitution Hill over Aberystwyth, the sea and Welsh Coast.

Tomorrow, temperatures around Cardiff are expected to reach 21°C. The western areas will experience the warmest conditions, while the northern and eastern regions may feel relatively cooler throughout the rest of the week.

On Saturday afternoon, some parts can anticipate highs of 22°C.


Tomorrow, there is a forecast of abundant sunshine, accompanied by light winds, as temperatures peak at 19°C.

Over the next few days, the mercury is expected to continue rising. However, winds will also strengthen towards the end of the week, and there is a possibility of showers by Saturday.

Despite the potential showers, much of the region can expect highs of 24°C on the same day.

London and South East

According to current charts, Wednesday is expected to reach a high of 26°C, and a similar temperature is anticipated on Saturday afternoon. However, the Met Office suggests that it could even become a heatwave in the UK. UK weather – Met Office

Thursday and Friday are predicted to be dry, with ample sunshine.

Despite the hot temperatures, Saturday is also forecasted to experience the possibility of heavy and thundery showers, creating a muggy and humid atmosphere.

South West

Wednesday is expected to bring warm weather with clear skies and highs of 22°C. There might be some breezes near the coasts, but overall, there will be plenty of sunshine.

The winds will continue to strengthen along the coastal regions, especially on Thursday. Friday is likely to become cloudier, with a risk of thundery showers on Saturday.

Temperatures in places like Exeter could reach around 23°C on Thursday and Friday before slightly decreasing over the weekend.


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