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Mini 20C heatwave sweep UK this weekend!

The cold snap that has hung over Britain lately will be melted by a mini heatwave bringing temperatures near 20C, forecasters say. Temperatures will struggle to high 11C or 12C now, with tons of cloud and the odd downpour – and it is a similar story for Thursday, with a few additional bitter winds.

However, Friday will see a far more settled weather picture, explains Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall, together with the return of last week’s high pressure, just in time for the weekend.

Further north Norfolk and Manchester can expect similar highs – a marked change from the cold breeze that saw snow attack just a week before.But the summer-like temperatures might turn out to be fleeting, with WXCharts warning Britain will only be “temporarily in sunlight” but is unlikely to last long.

While Brian Gaze in The Weather Outlook reported the signs are great for warmer weather into early next week – though said it is going to be the eastern side of the country which will see the best of it. “At the northwest, it might turn moist as Atlantic disturbances start to push ,” Mr Gaze added.

And up until Sunday, it is “going to be a cold feel” for the remainder of the week,” said Mr Miall.”No unusual temperatures but definitely feeling chilly – it will mainly be feeling chilly because of how hot it was last week.

Towards the end of the week highs will be peaking at 10C in the South with the North looking at 6C to 8C – a few degrees down where we ought to be.”

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