Theresa May to resign over bill rejection???

Theresa May

Calls for Theresa May to be booted out of parliament over her latest Brexit battering have grown all the more stronger today after yet again MP’s don’t like the deal she’s brought in. Multiple cabinet ministers have told the BBC that she cannot stay, with one saying it is “the end of the line”. Others insist Theresa May should push on with her plan to put her Withdrawal Agreement Bill to a vote like many tired members of the public who are sick of hearing about Brexit. Sources have told the BBC that the chief whip, Julian Smith, has informed backbench MPs that the prime minister is not resigning which is the opposite to recent speculation of her resignation after the completion of article 50. Nevertheless, the BBC’s political editor says it appears the government is almost at breakdown. Sajid Javid, who wants the second referendum vote requirement removed from the bill – and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt have both requested a private meeting with the PM. What can we take away from today’s politics?

PM’s  10-point plan to secure Brexit deal fails to win over MPs, Theresa May presents package to Commons amid Tory backlash, She staves off bid to change leadership rules to oust her, But will face chair of backbenchers group on Friday, Withdrawal Agreement Bill to be published later this week. But Laura Kuenssberg says the PM has declined to meet the ministers – who are both seen as possible contenders to be the next Conservative leader – and she has left Downing Street to see the Queen for her weekly meeting. This links back to our previous article on who is next in contention to run for Prime Minister.  The video below shows some possible candidates

We’d love to know in the comments how Brexit would affect your life and your reasons for voting either to remain or leave.


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