Thousands of homes across England and Scotland installed under The New Green Deal

The New Green Deals is providing access to energy efficient double glazed windows and doors.

The New Green Deal uses a very clever Home Efficiency Lifestyle Plan (H.E.L.P) to spread the cost of the new windows and doors and help to pay for them over a period of time that suits the homeowner.

The New Green Deal requires no upfront payment towards the cost of the windows and doors and uses the H.E.L.P plan coupled with the savings on energy to help pay for the new home improvements.

Already the scheme has helped over 5000 homeowners gain access to affordable windows and doors.

Unlike the older government green deal The New Green Deal is a privately funded incentive and doesn’t charge any upfront fees for the initial home assessment.

Also the older government green deal was littered with exclusions meaning some homeowners did not qualify. With The New Green Deal, providing you are a homeowner and either Employed, Self employed or Retired qualification for the scheme is almost guaranteed.

Homeowners have access to huge portfolio of home improvement products with styles available to suit every property.

To apply for the scheme visit

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