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The UK could soon find itself in deep water as provisions fail to be made to build new power stations to cope with the increase in demand.

UK home owners could soon find themselves without power through peak times of the day, when they need it most.

This winter saw spare capacity for electricity supplies level out at around 5% due to extra balancing measures introduced.

Unless drastic action is taken to build new power stations we could see blackouts, interrupted supply and huge energy price hikes across the UK.

“The UK is facing an electricity supply crisis”

Dr Jenifer Baxter, head of energy and environment at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers explained that we do not have the time, resources or the skills to build enough power plants to plug the supply gap.

She also added that even if the nuclear power plant at Hinkley point were to be constructed under current policy, it would be almost impossible for the UK electricity demand to be met.
Solar Panel funding Advertorial

“The UK Energy Crisis Is a Double Edge Sword”

In order to meet even close to demand energy bills would need to almost double over the next 5 years, which could see the average household paying an astonishing £2688 per year

Oscar Wyatt
Oscar Wyatt
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  1. So, first of all why does the goverment not revise it’s policy on solar PV to bring back decent FIT payments to make it more viable for households to install it?
    Since it changed the end of March last year hardly any domestic systems have been installed.
    With all of the coal fired power stations that have been closed, why is there never any thought of installing hydro generation plant?
    As all of the power stations are sited on rivers & usually have a large enough site to get enough height difference to be able to produce a worthwhile amount of power.
    Ironbridge power station & Ironbridge as just a couple of examples.
    These would be low impact & green sources of 24 hours a day production & yet there is never any mention of hydro electricity generation?

  2. Overpopulation, the drive towards coal-free generation, failure to plan ahead and heed warnings. Successive governments are to blame but they will still push for HS2 and send almost £22 billion abroad this year alone!

    • I quite agree, why has hydro taken a back seat when wind and solar are not 24 x 7 sources. . Most hydro stations could be built where there is a 24 x 7 x 365(6) days a year supply of green energy. Even more so if like in America and Canada any excess power is used to pump water back up to the top of the system.
      Seems daft to me to keep building these huge solar and wind farms and not one hydro plant has been built on years.

  3. My housing association property was built 3 and a half years ago and is a so called energy efficent house so does my local council not fit these new homes with solar panals to heat the house and water in the property and make it better for all ???

  4. I have solar power. Got in on a low tariff towards the end. My electric bill halved and my fit payments cover the other half. Although I must admit we also have storage batteries in the roof so that we can use it all day and night.

  5. The government have always looked after The wealthy and always stopping new ways that the poor can live without lisence . We have to much self and greed to ever over come the real problems which should have been up and rolling years ago like green fuel hydro cars cleen electric . Now they say diesel is poisening us . It’s diesel fuel what’s wrong hear hmmm let’s see .! Firkin greed again and brain washing . Just go back to caves again .all sorted . I think I’m moving to India .they have nothing most folk .but they are happy 👍😁✌️ peace to all .

  6. Whatever happened to wave power?
    I saw an invention by a one-man-band that was basically a cable which was run out around coastlines.
    On this cable were floats which oscillated with the waves.
    This movement generated electricity.
    It was a double advantage as the sea within the cable; i.e. coast-side, was calmed and this would prevent or at least slow-down coastal erosion.

    The waves move permanently and continuously…. and yet this idea disappeared….. no doubt having its patent bought up by the oil companies for millions of dollars and a non-disclosure contract.

  7. The problem is that the british goverment has there heads up there arse they only care about things that will help london i hate to say the uk is not just london we need a goverment in place that have there eyes open and relise its not all about hs2

  8. Is this a guarantee that its 20 percent reductions on your bill and pay no tax will be to pay for the panels and having them installed.

  9. Well I have to say I agree with all above.
    Stop the nuclear, we are an island with hills, erm make the most of them by hydro with a top up of wind where required.

  10. I remember the black outs wen i was a kid and it was normal fr us u just acceted it. Now as an adult eith serious disabilities you realise how did the people with disabilities or serious ilness coped then many a freezing cold nites where spent. So its a fantastic but also necesary idea to install solar panels in homes but also hospitals n buisness hear is hoping the government will see this for the want m need of people n the countries well being.


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