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UK set for temperatures of 33C amid an extreme heat warning

Parts of the UK could reach temperatures of 33C (91.4F) later, with heat higher than some of Europe’s top holiday destinations including Tenerife

This comes after the Met Office has issued a new-style extreme heat weather warning and told people to watch out for sunburn, as well as heat exhaustion.

The amber warning from the weather forecaster covers large parts of Wales, as well as all of south-west England and parts of both southern and central England.

The heat warning will be in place until Thursday, when temperatures within the nation are expected to be peaking.

Public Health England has also issued the country with a heat-health alert.

It advises people to stay out of the sun between the times of 11:00 BST and 15:00 BST, to drink plenty of fluids and to avoid consuming excess alcohol, as well as engaging in physical exertion during some of the hottest parts of the day.

This comes after Iceland and Greene King have said they have had to shut shops and pubs due to staff shortages caused by the NHS Covid app. Greene King has closed 33 of its pubs in the past week due to staff self-isolating due to the app.

The Met Office has warned that over the next few days many people could be at high risk of sunburn or heat exhaustion, which can include dehydration, nausea and fatigue.

The more vulnerable groups in the country are being warned of even more adverse health effects.

It also warned that, as temperatures within the UK soar, some heat-sensitive systems and equipment may fail, potentially leading to power cuts. There could also be multiple delays to the nation’s roads, rail and air travel, meaning that people experiencing long delays could suffer.

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The Met Office has said that the high temperatures were expected in the day and at night, meaning restless nights for many.

The Met Office launched the new extreme heat warning at the start of June 2021 in order to highlight potential widespread disruption, as well as adverse health effects. Amber is the second-highest level within the system.

It comes following a record-breaking number of heatwave deaths were recorded in England last summer.

The Met Office also warned that as more people visit the nation’s coastal areas, lakes and rivers, there was an “increased risk of water safety incidents”.

This comes after face coverings must still be worn on the London transport network despite restrictions easing on the 19th of July, London’s mayor says. Sadiq Khan said that he was not yet prepared to put Tube, bus and other transport users at risk by relaxing the coronavirus rules on face coverings.

Six people drowned in English lakes and rivers over the weekend, with rescuers warning of the invisible but deadly dangers of open water.

If someone has heat exhaustion, and they can be cooled down within half an hour, then the heat exhaustion is normally less serious.

The NHS advice if someone is experiencing heat exhaustion is to:

  • Move them to a cooler place.
  • Get the person to lie down and raise their feet slightly
  • Make sure them to drink plenty of water, sports or rehydration drinks are also okay
  • Cool down their skin, spray or sponge them with cool water and fan them. Ice packs around the armpits or neck can also be helpful
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