Body of Woman Discovered Following Suspected Grizzly Bear Attack in Montana

Grizzly bear
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In the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, a woman was uncovered along a trail, and the investigators made an alarming discovery – grizzly bear tracks were evident at the location.

She was found on Saturday in Montana on a trail west of Yellowstone National Park “following an apparent bear encounter”, officials from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks said.

Grizzly bear tracks were discovered at the scene; however, the cause of death has not been confirmed as of the statement on Sunday.

The investigation remains ongoing at this time.

In response to the incident, park rangers promptly implemented an emergency closure of the area where the woman was found, a place frequented by hikers.

The department warned visitors last week that staff had confirmed grizzly bear sightings throughout Montana, “particularly in areas between the Northern Continental Divide and the Great Yellowstone ecosystems”.

Visitors were strongly advised to carry bear spray and practice proper food storage while camping and visiting the parks. Additionally, they were encouraged to manage their rubbish efficiently. These precautions were emphasized in light of the confirmed grizzly bear sightings in various areas between the Northern Continental Divide and the Great Yellowstone ecosystems in Montana.


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