Network operators join forces with new power cut line

Britain braces for power shortages

National Emergency Power Cut Line

The new national call 105 helpline has been launched ahead of fears that the UK may be struggling to produce enough energy to meet demands this winter.

You may have heard about the new helpline on the radio or possibly received a sticker through the post to keep by telephone in case of emergency.


Already this winter the National Grid’s safety buffer for power supply has fallen as low as 0.1% in times of high demand according to the British Infrastructure Group their report can be found here.

This buffer currently stands at a mere 1.1% with only a potential maximum of 6.6% if emergency measures are deployed.

Considering last year saw the lowest level of power reserves in a decade at 1.2% reaching as low as 0.1% this year must be an all time record.

Unless drastic action is taken to increase capacity for electricity generation it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out where we will be once the cold really kicks in.

The Eco Solar Fund

Fortunately agencies such as Solar Panel Funding are doing something to combat the power shortages, and have just launched their latest plan to help provide homeowners with renewable energy through combining Solar PV with battery storage solutions.

By combining Solar PV with battery storage homeowners are able to utilise the energy they produce during the day at times of peak demand or when the grid may be struggling.

The Eco Solar Fund Incentive was launched late in 2016 as an emergency measure and so far over 10,000 homes have been installed up and down the country.

The application process is very simple just follow the link below to see if you qualify.

Solar Panel Funding



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