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New travel bans in Beijing as COVID-19 infections spread

New restrictions are to be imposed as the financial hub of Shanghai demands some travellers from Beijing be quarantined for two weeks

Officials in China have imposed a travel ban in Beijing in order to stop the further spread of a new wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in the capital city.

In addition to parts of China’s capital city already back under lockdown restrictions, new travel restrictions throughout the communist nation have been reimposed on residents of areas considered that are to be high risk, and limits introduced to China’s public transport system are being introduced to help with a reduction of passengers on buses and trains.

This comes after the releasing of important coronavirus information during the early days of the outbreak was delayed by China, according to leaked World Health Organisation documents and recordings from their meetings.

Those who have already left Beijing must report to local health authorities as soon as they possibly can.

The financial hub of Shanghai is now demanding that some travellers from the city of Beijing be quarantined for fourteen days.

This follows a spike in new COVID-19 cases; this new spike is believed to have originated from the Xinfadi market in the southwestern Fengtai district of the city.

New travel bans in Beijing as COVID-19 infections spread
Xinfadi market in the southwestern Fengtai district of Beijing
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State-run newspapers have said that the coronavirus was discovered on chopping boards that were used when dealing with imported salmon at the market, which also supplies much of the city’s meat and vegetables.

The imported fish from the market has been removed by some of the supermarket chains in the country, and China has reportedly stopped importing this product from Europe.

These new measures, which has put areas throughout the city into what some have described as a “wartime” series of efforts, have now stoked further fears of a possible second wave of COVID-19 infections across the globe.

This comes after China has warned the UK to “step back from the brink” after the Prime Minister has threatened to offer millions of Hong Kong residents the right to move to Britain if China strips away their freedoms.

It comes as 27 new cases of the coronavirus brought the capital city’s current outbreak to 106 cases since Thursday; when it had first been confirmed that someone who had recently visited the Xinfadi market had been infected with COVID-19.

As well as bringing a halt to domestic tourism, sporting events in the country have also been banned in the city, while plans to reopen schools in China for some students have also been scrapped.

Those deemed to be at high-risk of the virus, and are now not allowed to leave Beijing, include those people who have come into close contact with the confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Temperature checks for the Chinese public have been reintroduced in around 22 medium-risk regions, with anyone entering the districts also being required to register their presence with authorities.

Chinese health officials have said over 10,000 people at the market in the southwestern Fengtai district, which remains closed, will be tested, and the market itself will be disinfected.

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