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Noise Complaints and Bonfires Increase During Lockdown

The number of complaints about noisy neighbours, bonfires, and fly-tipping has increased since lockdown started according to several local authorities

With people at home during the day, it may come as no surprise that daily life for some has changed dramatically. However, this change in habits has sparked more complaints to local authorities since the lockdown began.

In the Midlands, Birmingham Live reported the council officers had received 1,073 complaints of noise between 23rd March and 6th May. The complaints consist of dogs barking for long periods, music, anti-social behaviour, and loud TVs!

This is reported to be an 82% increase in the figure for the same period last year.

This news come after Nottingham Police were called to the “out of control” street party following a number of calls from concerned members of the public.

Research conducted by the BBC highlighted that out of 51 councils across the UK, 44 had reported a rise since the start of the lockdown.

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said they had seen a:

“clear increase in domestic noise complaints.”

They also urged people to be more compassionate as people are working from home and spending more time in properties.

The council have also suggested raising the issue with your neighbour first before contacting the council.

David Jamieson, The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner also predicted there could be a rise in anti-social behaviour once the lockdown is lifted.

A spike in bonfires

Over the past few months, reports of domestic bonfires have also caused concern for local authorities and emergency services. Air Quality News reported that residents in the Bath area were asked not to start fires to protect the health of others during the pandemic. Council leader, Cllr Dine Romero said:

Noise Complaints and Bonfires Increase During Lockdown
Council leader, Cllr Dine Romero

“We appreciate that it’s inconvenient for residents that garden waste collections have been paused, but I hope people can work with us on this and please hold onto their garden waste.”

Since the down began, it has been reported that air quality has improved over the period. However, News Shopper said that some locations were bucking that trend and, in fact, had poorer air quality, which is believed to be due to garden bonfires.

Bromley in outer London had seen a jump in pollutants in the air, which range from pollen to humanmade pollution.

Noticing the issue with air quality in the area saw Bromley’s Town Councillors appeal to residents to avoid lighting bonfires in back gardens. In a statement, they confirmed that recycling services had been suspended as staff absences meant collections could not go ahead.

On the local Facebook page, a post said: “Please don’t start a bonfire, nuisance bonfires remain banned.”

Tim Webb, an independent air monitor, said there is a significant anti-social impact of bonfires and the associated pollution. He also added, “all types of pollutants are going in the air from the combustion process.”

Webb also explained that when pollution rates go up, they take a long time to return to normal. Plus, the particles can travel, so if your neighbour suffers from respiratory issues, it could trigger problems such as asthma attacks and breathing difficulties.

This news comes after the coronavirus death toll in the UK hit 35,341 yesterday after 545 more died in the country; including a seven-year-old.

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