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Over Half of Brits Will Not Wear a Mask After Lockdown is Lifted

Brits across the country are living up to the stubborn stereotype with 53% saying they would choose not to wear a face mask once the lockdown measure is lifted

Breaking News Today can reveal that according to a poll revealed yesterday by YouGov, 53% of Brits would not wear a face mask once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. 

The survey, which was carried out on 3,549 UK adults, asked: “Providing you are able to get one, do you intend on wearing a face mask in public once lockdown is lifted?”

The 18-24-year-old age bracket were the most likely not to wear a mask, with 61% saying they do not intend to wear one and only 26% saying they probably will.

UK resident wearing coronavirus mask

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the 65+ age group are the most likely to wear a mask, with 39% saying they definitely will. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that there is no evidence to support the use of face masks by the general population. It says that people who are not in health and care facilities should only wear masks if they are sick or caring for someone who is ill.

They also warned that the use of masks by the public can create a “false sense of security” and lead to people ignoring other crucial protective measures such as hand hygiene and social distancing. 

However, in recent weeks, there has been much debate in the UK about the use of face masks. Those in favour of this particular PPE argue that they can help to reduce the risk of people with the virus passing it on to others. 

When the results of the YouGov poll went public, people were quick to voice their opinions, with one user tweeting:

“I wouldn’t wear a face mask unless I have the virus, or I’m an NHS doctor or nurse treating someone with the virus. Outside of that, why on earth would you wear one? That’s one less mask that the medics could be using.”

Although another responded, saying: “What if you are pre- or asymptomatic? You might pass on the virus without knowing. And you, or someone who loves you, could make your own [face mask]. That’s what we have done. Stay safe!”

People wearing masks whilst waiting in cues

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has recently called for the wearing of face masks to be compulsory while travelling in the city. French authorities have already revealed that they will be providing face masks to members of the public when their lockdown measures are eased next month. 

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) is set to make recommendations to the UK government later this week about the use of face masks by the general public.

But Mr. Hopson, a representative of healthcare trusts across England, said that the impact of their decision on the NHS must be fully assessed first.

He said: “Fluid-repellent masks for health and care staff are key to safety and to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Securing the supply of masks, when there is a huge global demand, is crucial. This must be a key consideration for government.”

He added: “There needs to be clear evidence that wearing masks, along with other measures, will deliver significant enough benefits to take us out of lockdown to potentially jeopardise NHS mask supply.”

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