Pair of Mobile Phone Thieves Sentenced to Prison for Stabbing Good Samaritans During Bishopsgate Theft Attempt

Scene of stabbing in London.
Scene of stabbing in London. (Unknown)
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Two individuals, Louis Parkinson (26) and Tyrone Dean (24), have been sentenced to prison after committing a series of stabbing targeting innocent bystanders in the City of London during a mobile phone robbery spree. Displaying a courageous intervention, the public managed to thwart their criminal endeavors.

Equipped with knives, Parkinson and Dean embarked on their audacious crime spree while cycling through central London, deliberately seeking out unsuspecting victims.

Their spree of criminal acts began in Fitzrovia, where a man’s brave attempt to recover his stolen phone resulted in a stabbing to his arm. This incident marked the commencement of their bold and reckless criminal activities.

Shortly thereafter, during a subsequent robbery in Bishopsgate, a group of courageous bystanders valiantly intervened, obstructing the robbers’ actions and making efforts to detain them.

In the course of these events, a courier faced a harrowing attack, enduring three knife wounds to the chest that led to a collapsed lung. Additionally, a woman sustained a severe hand injury from a knife assault on her arm, while a City broker now carries lifelong scars after being stabbed in the face—an act of bravery displayed as he fearlessly confronted one of the assailants.

In a courtroom session held at Inner London Crown Court on Thursday, Judge Benedict Kelleher rendered a verdict, sentencing both Tyrone Dean and Louis Parkinson to 12 years of imprisonment.

“You acted with appalling violence”, said the judge.

“The incident caused widespread concern and national media coverage. It was a truly shocking example of mindless violence and utter lawlessness.”

Upon their imprisonment, the two individuals are required to serve a minimum of two-thirds of their respective sentences behind bars. Following their release, an additional period of five years on license will be enforced.

Compelling visual evidence, including footage from witnesses and CCTV recordings depicting the events as they transpired in Bishopsgate, was presented in court during the sentencing proceedings.

“These two defendants embarked on a brazen spree – snatching mobile telephones from people going about their morning business”, said prosecutor Sam Barker.

“When civic-minded members of the public sought to apprehend them, the defendants caused them savage injuries with a knife in their frantic attempts to escape.”

The initial target, Paul Grange, suffered a blow to the side of his head as Tyrone Dean seized his phone in Fitzrovia around 9 am on October 6 of the preceding year. In his courageous attempt, Paul, along with another individual, endeavored to apprehend the thief, resulting in a cut on Paul’s arm during the struggle.

CCTV footage captured the subsequent movements of the two robbers as they cycled past prominent landmarks including the Ritz hotel, Piccadilly Circus, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, actively seeking out additional potential victims.

The eruption of violence occurred in Bishopsgate when Nicholas Badger became the second victim, having his phone snatched by Dean. The situation escalated significantly, prompting the intervention of Matthew McEwen, the first bystander to step in. McEwen skillfully directed Dean’s bike into a bollard and tripped him, initiating a physical altercation. However, he was struck in the head and knocked to the ground by Louis Parkinson, as detailed in Inner London Crown Court.

Despite the assailants’ attempt to flee on bicycles, more members of the public, including Alison Sanders, William Allison, and Vladimir Konstaninidis, courageously joined the scene, collectively striving to subdue them.

“There then followed a melee, in which a number of brave members of the public sought to capture the two thieves”, said Mr Barker.

He said Mr Allison tried to pull Parkinson’s rucksack from his back, before another member of the public, Henry Charlton-Weedy “dived into the melee from the side and ripped the rucksack from Mr Parkinson’s back”.

In a menacing display, Dean brandished a knife and swiftly advanced toward the altercation, intent on aiding Parkinson by intervening in the struggle. Unfortunately, in the midst of the ensuing scuffle, he inflicted three stab wounds to Mr. Konstantinidis’ torso.

The court heard he suffered a collapsed lung, and in an impact statement he said: “I wasn’t able to leave my house for around six weeks due to suffering from such pain and extreme tiredness.”

The independent courier, who relied on his own earnings, found himself dipping into his savings to sustain himself during the period he was unable to work following the stabbing incident.

During the confrontation, Ms. Sanders bravely confronted Dean, attempting to prevent his escape, only to be stabbed in the arm. Samuel Bawden, another individual who joined the fray, endured a punch to the face and narrowly escaped being stabbed in the stomach.

In a determined bid to halt Parkinson’s escape, Mr. Charlton-Weedy valiantly intervened and was unfortunately met with a slash across his face.

“Mr Charlton-Weedy stood face-to-face with Mr Parkinson with the bicycle between them”, said the prosecutor.

“Mobile telephone footage from a passenger on a bus captures the moment that Mr Parkinson raised his right hand high above his head, with the knife held within it. He then is shown to bring it down with full force into Mr Charlton-Weedy’s right cheek, causing a slash injury.

“Refusing to release the bicycle even though he had been stabbed in the face, Mr Charlton-Weedy can be seen to realise the injury he has sustained, and move his hand to his cheek. Mr Parkinson aimed further stabs towards Mr Charlton-Weedy.”

In her statement as a victim, Ms. Sanders expressed the profound impact of the incident, revealing that she has lost the functionality of her hand. She now requires assistance for basic activities such as eating and showering. Furthermore, she sombrely informed the court that her ability to play the piano, a cherished talent, might never be regained.

“I used to play piano regularly in church. I enjoyed it and it meant a lot to me. It’s hard to think I may never be able to play the piano in the way I used it”, she said.

Mr. Charlton-Weedy, a City broker, underwent a medical procedure that necessitated 52 stitches to mend the wound on his face. Regrettably, the injury has resulted in permanent scarring.

“Every single time I look at myself or see a photo, there’s a negative association with the trauma I have suffered”, said the father-of-two.

“It delves far deeper than being a scar.

“It was a completely frenzied attack with no control or calculation – it could easily have left me blind or worse, dead.”

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that the two culprits managed to evade capture and sought refuge at a Finsbury Park Travelodge, effectively going into hiding, coinciding with the widespread coverage of the incident in the media.

At the time of the crime spree, Dean was already under police bail. The court further learned that both defendants possessed extensive criminal records that trace back to their youth.

Both individuals expressed remorse and offered apologies to the victims of the stabbing incidents.

Dean told a probation officer he set out on the robbery spree with the simple aim of “getting money quickly”

Dean, residing on Willow Walk in Haringey, North London, confessed to charges including robbery, knife possession, assault leading to actual bodily harm, theft, two instances of causing wounds, attempted wounding, and possessing cannabis.

Similarly, Parkinson, who lives on Catherall Street in Highbury, North London, admitted guilt to charges of assault causing actual bodily harm, knife possession, attempted wounding, inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent, and possession of cannabis.


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