Upcoming UK Weather: Anticipating Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms, and More Hot Days Ahead

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Later this week, certain regions of the country are anticipated to experience temperatures surpassing 30 degrees Celsius.

In the upcoming week, parts of the UK are expected to face the dual conditions of heavy rain and a thunderstorm warning, despite the possibility of temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Northern Ireland has been issued a yellow thunderstorm warning for Monday, with a forecast of 15 to 20mm of rainfall within an hour.

Stephen Dixon, a spokesperson from the Met Office, stated that the heavy rain is anticipated to commence overnight, starting from the southern regions of England and progressing towards the North East.

Southern and western parts of England could see 30mm of rain which would make for “uncomfortable driving conditions”, he added.

Mr Dixon said: “The weekend could get up to the high 20s or low 30s, the South East will see the warmer weather.

“The week will be sitting relatively warmer for this time of year but more subdued than we’ve seen, but areas will hit heatwave criteria as we get to the weekend.”

Although the hottest temperature of the year so far, reaching 32.2 degrees Celsius (89.9 degrees Fahrenheit), was observed on June 10 in Surrey, the forecaster suggests that the weather this week is unlikely to reach that level.

Regarding the upcoming days, Wednesday is expected to bring showers rather than continuous rainfall, with comparatively drier conditions in the South East.

Starting from Thursday, there will be intermittent showers, but temperatures are projected to increase as the weekend approaches.

On Monday, a flood warning was active for the River Cole at Coleshill, Birmingham, spanning from Cole End to Coleshill Industrial Estate.

Furthermore, a total of six flood alerts have been issued, indicating the potential for flooding in those areas.


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