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Hottest April in 361 years this weekend! Up to 24 degrees!

Breaking News Today is reporting that the UK is set for more glorious weather this week as temperatures soar in what is set to be the hottest April heatwave on record. Brits are urged to remain in their home’s and comply with coronavirus lockdown steps as experts predict the heatwave will strike 24C (75F) in parts of the UK on Thursday and Friday.

With the country still encouraged to remain in the home to keep social distancing, experts are forecasting that the sunny spell will be warmer than vacation isles Crete (15C) and Ibiza (20C).

Experts believe this month general average will conquer 2011 best of 10.7C (51.3F) – getting the warmest April in England since records began in 1659. It follows Easter Bank Holiday’s record-breaking temperatures of 26C – regarded as Britain’s hottest Easter weekend for 70 years.

Met Office meteorologist Martin Bowles said: “The warmest times this week will be Thursday and Friday with temperatures around approximately 24C (75F) on both days — but there’ll be a lot of warm weather before then.

Martin Bowles

The Met Office’s forecast for Tuesday to Sunday reads: “Clear, sunny and increasingly hot for many daily, and clear but cold by night.”The end will facilitate and allow overnight fog and mist to become more widespread.

Tomorrow is defined as dry, with long spells of sunshine for most in the daytime. There’s however a danger of a few showers in the far South West of England through the morning. Meanwhile, Tuesday is forecast to be dry with blue skies, sunshine and more brisk easterly winds.

People on grass hill
People enjoy the warm spring weather despite the government’s strict social distancing measures Credit: London News Pictures

People across the UK are hoping that the weather doesn’t pull people out of their homes during lockdown and into parks and beaches across the country. Breaking News Today recently conducted a survey to see how many people would refuse a full lockdown, in our survey 8.4% of people wouldn’t follow the full lockdown measures in the UK.

At Breaking News Today we’ve collated the Coronavirus statistics across the world so you can view a breakdown of active cases, deaths and location of those cases in your country. Take a look at our coronavirus outbreak tracker here live.

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