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Police Respond To Mass Gathering Events Planned This Weekend

Police are urging the public to be responsible after a range of posters were displayed in cities and towns across the country.

Police across the country have urged the public not to attend any mass gathering events that are being advertised across several city and town locations.

The Daily Mail reported these events are allegedly being organised by anti-vaxxer group, the UK Freedom Movement. The group has previously claimed that the lockdown was illegal, and there have been posts shared on social media about the so-called UK Mass Gathering.

The posters displayed claim it will be the ‘largest mass gathering since the lockdown.’ However, at present, they have not been confirmed as legitimate.

US protesting coronavirus lockdown
US protesting coronavirus lockdown

The events are claiming to take place in several locations including London, Nottingham, Southampton, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Plymouth, and Barnstaple.

The posters also suggest that the group has several conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers within it, as the message opposes mandatory vaccines and the ‘new normal.’

Mass gatherings have been banned in the UK since 16th March just before the full lockdown, over concerns of the spread of the virus. It is still in place, and the rules have not changed in regards to large gatherings.

Several people were supporting the motion with one London-based music artist Soca Samuel reportedly writing on Twitter ‘I’m there! I’ve been waiting for a movement like this ever since lockdown.” He also added that he’d been fined previously for busking with mates and continued to say, “try and see them fine us all now.”

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The gatherings have also been met with criticism with one person commenting that anyone choosing to attend such events were ‘morons who happily put their families and the NHS at risk.’ Another said, “At this point, I think its just Darwinism.”

It is reported that Nottingham Police will be in attendance at Forest Recreation Ground and Wollaton Park where the events are planned to take place.

Craig Guildford, Chief Constable of Nottingham Police, said, “We are aware of the social media coverage which includes Southampton, London and Cardiff as well. We are planning, as a contingency, with our partners in the city council as we monitor the situation.”

Other forces are also preparing for any gatherings, and a Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said they are reviewing information and thanks to the public for those that have contacted them so far. Bristol City Council also said on Twitter it ‘strongly discouraged’ anyone from attending events.

Mass Gathering poster

This movement comes as previous reports of anti-lockdown protests took place across the US. Protesters took to the streets in numerous locations across the States on 21st April. There have also been events in Berlin, and police were seen using pepper spray on the protesters due to concerns over the spread of the virus.

Stick to the rules

Although the restrictions have been relaxed with regards to exercise and meeting one person outside of your household, mass gatherings are not allowed.

The simple message is that social distancing should be adhered to, and there will be consequences for anyone flouting the rules.

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