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Lockdown or Herd Attack?

Lockdown to end by May whilst Professor tells UK to Catch the virus now

There is hope that the UK coronavirus lockdown may be lifted before the end of May as the pandemic is expected to plateau in 10 days reports the Prime Ministers Adviser today.
It is warned that high levels of infections will continue for weeks should Britain break social distancing rules this weekend. People are urged to adhere to the guidance regarding social distancing amidst the expected heatwave this weekend. Professor Ferguson remains hopeful that the strict lockdown measures could be eased, which will, in turn, allow immediate and rapid access for testing.

The Professor warns that should people not work in guidance as outlined, it would only extend and prolong the virus and its spread.

The Government are eager to reduce the lockdown restrictions in preference to more relaxed measures once we experience a decline in cases. This follows Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, having implemented the lockdown guidance in a bid to control the spread. This has been reported as significantly successful as it is thought to have helped save over 260,000 deaths.

Covid-19 Symptoms checklist

Covid 19 symptoms checklist

Professor Graham Medley, Chief Pandemic Modeller, has urged the UK to reconsider the controversial herd immunity policy. The Professor adviser warned Britain that there would be decisions made regarding who to survive. This raises consideration as to whether the Government need to consider the age ratios as well as health to play within the checklist of decision making.
The Professor also claims that the only way out of the pandemic could be actually catching the virus. He voiced his opinion regarding now we have completed three weeks of lockdown, it is questioned where we go from here. Who are we going to protect? Children, vulnerable, who will come first?

Graham-Medley pandemic modeller
Professor Graham Medley, Chief Pandemic Modeller

These discussions and opinions are still being suggested following the initial thoughts to allow 60% of the population to become infected to create a herd immunity where the virus could no longer spread. The idea proposed by Professor of Infectious Diseases from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a member of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) was abandoned by the Government after scientific advisers warned this would create critical pressures on the NHS with the inability to cope and patients would be at significant risk of lack of care.

Flatten the curve

The lockdown was initially thought to allow time for measures and antibodies to be sourced.
These questions and suggestions were raised again following the UK death toll exceeding China yesterday by 319.

The peak impact is expected to hit the UK on Easter Sunday. Boris Johnson is working hard with the Government, and scientists to keep the country update and ahead of any further developments. The Prime Minister in his last appearance urged the public not to be swayed into breaking the lockdown rules to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family this weekend and remind themselves that staying in isolation was the best way to protect your loved ones.

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