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What is the swab test for coronavirus?

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The test for COVID-19 is similar to a flu test and has usually been an oral and/or nasal swab procedure and in some cases, rectal swabs have also been used to detect the pneumonia-causing virus in patients even when conventional oral tests are negative.

For the nasal swab procedure, the swab is inserted into one nostril straight back (not upwards) and horizontally to the nasopharynx up to the measured distance on the swab handle.

The nasopharynx is the part of the pharynx above the soft palate that is continuous with the nasal passages.

The swab is then rotated up to 5 times and held in place for 5-10 seconds to collect sample material. The swab is then removed and insert into a vial containing 1-3ml of viral transport media.

Dr Joanne Medhurst, medical director for Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, said:

“Anyone who is worried about coronavirus should call NHS 111 for up to date advice. ”

“We’ve set up the ‘drive through’ service to make sure people in our community can get safe, convenient and quick checks for coronavirus, as part of NHS efforts to keep everyone safe.

“It’s crucial that, as a community service, we help residents in our area to get accurate, timely advice while managing extra pressure on the NHS, and so far this week we’ve had good feedback from people that the swabbing service offers reassurance at what can be a difficult time.”

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After being referred through NHS 111, people are invited to an appointment in their car, during which two community nurses carry out a swab in the nose and mouth, which are checked and assessed within 72 hours.

People are being asked to self-isolate while these checks are completed, to prevent any potential onward transmission of the virus.

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NHS medical director, Professor Stephen Powis, said: “The NHS is working hard to prepare for possible service impacts and and services across the country are putting in place pragmatic, inventive and safe measures to help people get tested for coronavirus.

Corona virus testing has been substantially increased in the USA and USA has now taken over China and has the highest number of reported Covid-19 cases.

President Trump continues to increase the number of people being tested for Corona Virus

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