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What to do with your time in lockdown?

If you are currently in lockdown and are self isolating or in quarantine due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic,you may find yourself getting bored of being stuck at home for what could be 14 days or longer.

The Government are currently saying that Anyone with symptoms should stay at home for at least 7 days.

If you live with other people, they should stay at home for at least 14 days, to avoid spreading the infection outside the home.

Obviously staying at home for a week or longer could get you feeling frustrated or bored, but now is the time to take advantage of isolation and turn it into a positive.

5 things to do with your time in lockdown:

Exercise – Obviously this may be more difficult if you are sick, but if you are in quarantine to avoid the coronavirus, its always best to keep fit and healthy whilst gyms are closed.

Learn a language – Of course this isn’t an easy task, but if you want to challenge yourself and use this time to learn something new, then why not get started on learning another language while you have some time to yourself?

Sort through your clothes – Now is the time to be organised, tidy up and clear out any old clothes you don’t need, and perhaps consider donating some to those in need and do some good in a time of global crisis.

Play board games – If you and your family, or those you live with are stuck in the house together due to coronavirus fears, then why not play some board games together, although do so at your own risk of falling out with the more competitive people in your household!

Call your elderly relatives – And of course as staying away from the elderly is imperative to keep them safe from the dangers of COVID-19, we must remember that they may be lonely, so ring them regularly to check on them and make sure they stay in high spirits.

How are people spending their time in lockdown?

Many countries are now in complete lockdown, including Italy, where Italians are singing songs from their windows to boost morale during coronavirus the epidemic, such as the video below from Sicily, where neighbours are seen playing music and singing, accompanied by a man playing the accordion.

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