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Schools are to send children home if they have a cough

Schools are to send newly ill children home, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week it was announced by the Prime Minister that the UK will not be closing all schools.

But now today with a confirmed 1391 cases and 35 deaths in the UK, the government is taking more decisive action with how schools are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The government has said that schools are to send children home if they become unwell with a:

“ new, continuous cough or a high temperature”.

In the event that any sick children cannot be picked up immediately, teachers are being urged to keep the sick children in a room on their own where they can be isolated “behind a closed door”.

The Government has continued to say that “in most cases” there doesn’t need to be school closures if a child becomes ill, despite the recent growths in numbers of cases and deaths.

However, plenty of students and parents disagree, with some pupils not showing up to school out of fear of catching the fatal coronavirus, using the hashtag #Covid19walkout on Twitter.

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