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Police have been seen enforcing new lockdown laws on UK public

After new emergency laws banning groups of more than two people in public, Police across the country have been seen dispersing groups of people

Police forces all over the UK have been seen enforcing the new emergency laws that were put in place after Boris Johson’s address to the nation last night.

During the Prime Minister’s speech last night, he put a ban on meetings between more than two people, not including with your family inside your house.

In one incident, officers were seen shutting a shop in Hackney in North East London and were seen standing by the mobile phone kiosk in Dalston as employees packed it away around midday today.

Police all over the country, in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester’s city centre, Peterborough and Maidstone, Kent, police officers have been seen speaking to and dispersing several large crowds of people.

Foleshill police in the West Midlands shared a photo of a BBQ today, writing on twitter:

Those who ingore the new lockdown precations could face fines of up to £1,000 and could even be arrested now, due to the emergency powers given to the police.

Met Police today have said:

“Police will be out as usual patrolling the streets of London and will use today to speak to people about the new restrictions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

“While we fully anticipate the public and business in London will want to adhere to the new restrictions, if we suspect anyone to be in breach of the restrictions we will speak to them, explain what the restrictions require them to do and ask them to comply in order to help prevent the spread of the virus and ultimately save lives.”

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